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Today, we are more connected to our tomorrow than ever before. We want to be more conscious about the things we do, the materials we use and the impact we will have on the planet in the future. More curious about what lies ahead. We dream more and imagine more. And with every unique figment of our imagination comes an equally unique pigment.


These pages celebrate the 12 new Jotun colours of 2020, each one capturing a different facet of personality or a new hope for the future.

Are you inspired to find your colours? Find your colours with our exterior collection and bring what’s on the inside to the outside.

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This collection of colours is inspired by the trends of tomorrow. Bold, experimental and forward-thinking. Carefully put together to create a great look for your exterior walls and an even spectacular outlook.

Exterior Colour Collection

One Colour

A celebration of the four multi-coloured facets of our lives.


A palette inspired by our memories


A palette inspired by timeless traditions


A palette inspired by a special somewhere